International Minor: Globalization, Diversity, Multilingualism and Education

The IPA Minor Perspectiva Mundial is a minor program geared towards the wider concept of Sustainable Inclusive Development (SID 1987 UN Brundtland) with therein a focus on
Globalization, Cultural and Ecological Diversity, Multilingualism and Education on Aruba and the region.

The program is a combination of workshops, excursions, individual, group and research assignments, presentations and field practice (stage in Aruban schools). The program is offered by experienced and
competent lecturers and supervisors. 

Twice yearly

Fall program: 2nd week of September – 2nd week of January

Spring program: 2nd week of February – 3rd week of April

Two options

  • Fall program:      30 EC
  • Spring program: 15 EC
  • Online version:     5 EC

Other possibilities may be possible in specific cases. This has to be formally requested by sending an e-mail to 

Upon successful completion of the program students receive a certificate 

Dutch (mostly)

English (in some cases)

Spanish an option upon request 

  • Applicant is either in the 3rd or 4th year of a bachelor’s program from an accredited teachers’ institution (PABO/2de graads/university)
  • Fee:

                    Program 30 EC: 1000 Aruban Florins 

                    Program 15 EC:   750 Aruban Florins

                    Online version:     350 Aruban Florins

  • Verklaring Goed Gedrag (VOG); not older than 3 months
  • In good health
  • Dutch Passport. (if not the case, must submit a petition)
  • Able to communicate in English (basic proficiency) 
  • Growth mindset regarding diversity in multiple areas (culture/language etc)
  • Motivation letter (see enrollment form)

Important: For both programs, there is a maximum availability of 24 students per program

Deadlines for application (yearly)

Fall Minor: 1st June  

Spring Minor: 15th January (Program starts on February 2021)

Please fill in enrollment form.

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Diversity: Balancing planet, people, profit and participation 
  • Introduction to the Aruban Education System 
  • Introduction to Papiamento: the local-global language of the ABC Islands
  • Multilingualism in the Dutch Caribbean in perspective
  • Amerindian history of Aruba and the region
  • Migration, Creolization and Identity in the Caribbean
  • Ethnographic excursions in the historical city centers of San Nicolas and Oranjestad
  • Geological excursions in Aruba’s Parke Arikok (National Park)
  • Ecological excursions exploring Aruba’s Flora and Fauna on different locations
  • Practitioner based research assignment in Aruban primary schools 
  • Field practice (stage) in Aruba primary schools. Take note that students for the 15 EC program have to give an average of 20 lessons and of the 30 EC program an average of 45 lessons covering various subjects during several weeks on end. All lessons have to comply with national standards approved by government. (Exact details regarding the requirements will be given after official enrolment has taken place in a face to face meeting. 
  • *The online version does not include excursion(s).


If there are any other questions feel free to contact us at