International minor program: Perspectiva Mundial International students

The International Minor Program Perspectiva Mundial at the Insitituto Pedagogico Arubano (IPA) is especially geared towards students attending a Teachers Training College in none Dutch speaking countries across the globe, who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of Sustainable Inclusive Development (SID) with a focus on Education, Multilingualism and Cultural Diversity in Aruba and the rest of region. The SID workshops given at the IPA, are premised on the 1987 UN Brundtland committee definition of Sustainable Development, understood as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”(Brundtland 1987). Here we focus on creating a balance between the 4 P’s, Planet, People, Profit and Participatory Governance in education and in all areas of our lives.   

During this International Minor Program, students get the opportunity to experience a unique Dutch Caribbean island with a multifaceted education system as well as a diverse and linguistically rich culture where most persons are able to communicate in four languages (Papiamento, English, Spanish and Dutch) and are able to pluri-indentify with Caribbean, European and Latin American cultures. In a increasingly globalized world with all its benefits and challenges, it is important that students of around the world are well equipped to deal with the ever changing circumstances and develop the ability to actively participate and contribute to a more sustainable future. Being able to function in diverse circumstances is an absolute plus.

Teachers in training who wish to extend their home university studies in core and special interest topics from an international perspective


  • Developing a broad perspective on Sustainable and Inclusive Development around the world: with focus on the theoretical perspectives of Planet, People, Profit and Participation 

  • Acquiring knowledge of different education systems

  • Acquiring knowledge of the Caribbean and its different languages (Focus on Papiamento)

  • Acquiring knowledge of diverse pedagogical and didactic perspectives

  • Acquiring knowledge of innovation in teaching and education 

  • Cross cultural experience with focus on history, migration, language and the arts 

  • Introduction to Sustainability and Diversity: Balancing planet, people, profit and participation 

  • Introduction to the Aruban Education System 

  • Sustainable Education 

  • Introduction to Papiamento: the language of the ABC Islands

  • Multilingualism in the Dutch Caribbean in perspective

  • Foreign Language Education

  • Amerindian history of Aruba

  • Migration, Creolization and Identity 

  • Ethnographic excursions in the historical city centers of San Nicolas and Oranjestad

  • Geological excursions in Aruba’s Parke Arikok (Natural Park)

  • Decision making in a globalized society Students are also required to presentations during classes

Certificate of completion from the IPA

  • School visits (primary/elementary)for observations and interviews with teachers

  • Visits to curriculum department   

  • Museum visits

  • Leisure time to interact with locals  (beach, restaurants, café’s)

The International Minor Program starts in January and ends in April.  


A maximum of 15 students. 

For additional information about the IPA and its accreditation status, visit the ABOUT US feature on our website It is in both Dutch and English. 

For more detailed information about the program such duration and fees, you can contact our Office of International affairs. 


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